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A one-stop location for information on big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla, Meliaceae)


The ecology section provides descriptive information about mahogany the tree, seed, and seedling; where it occurs and how it is typically distributed on the landscape; population densities and size- (or age-) class structures; and growth & mortality rates of juveniles, adults, and populations.


Seeds, seedlings, saplings, and trees, with images of the stem, bark, crown, fruit capsules, and more.


The demographics of adult trees: how fast does mahogany grow, how long does it live, why does it die, at what size/age does it become reproductively mature?

Distribution Patterns

Mahogany’s spatial distribution on the landscape and relationship to environmental features such as rainfall, topography, hydrology, and soils.


Phenology, flowering, and fruiting of mahogany trees; seed dispersal, germination, and seedling establishment.


Density patterns and population structures (size- and age-class) in natural forests.


Light & nutrient requirements, growth & mortality rates, developmental patterns, and release of seedlings and saplings from understory suppression.

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