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A one-stop location for information on big-leaf mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla, Meliaceae)


The Big-Leaf Mahogany Growth & Yield Model offers visitors to this site an interactive tool for investigating outcomes from harvesting mahogany populations. Both web-based and user-downloadable versions of the Model are available. Based on data from populations recensused annually in the Brazilian Amazon from 1995–2011, the Model simulates growth, mortality, recruitment of new individuals, and logging at prescribed intervals for up to 150 years. You can simulate three pre-installed natural populations or upload your own populations into the Model.

The Model

The online version of the Growth & Yield Model with directions on how to run simple simulations. The Model and User Manual can be downloaded here.

Model Results

Model limitations and implications. See the results of simulation experiments with a discussion of the results in terms of mahogany regulations and management.

Video Manual

A collection of instructive videos on installing and using the Growth & Yield Model. Videos are hosted on YouTube also. The User Manual is also available here.

NetLogo Links

Links for learning more about the NetLogo modeling software, including tutorials in English and Spanish.

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