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Here we list publications by our research team on topics in tropical forest science, management , and public policy based on research conducted in the Brazilian Amazon. PDFs of most documents are available upon request from James Grogan (jgrogan@crocker.com, jgrogan@swietking.org).

Amaral P, Veríssimo A, Barreto P & Vidal E (1998) Floresta para Sempre; um Manual para a Produção de Madeira na Amazônia. IMAZON, Belém, Pará, Brazil.

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Grogan J, Vidal E & Schulze M (2005) Apoio científico para os padrões de manejo de madeira na floresta amazônica – a questão da sustentabilidade (The role of science in improving forest management for timber production in Amazonia – the question of sustainability). Ciência & Ambiente 32: 103-117.

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Macpherson AJ, Carter DR, Lentini MW & Schulze MD (2010) Following the rules: Brazilian logging concessions under imperfect enforcement and royalties. Land Economics 86: 493-513.

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Macpherson AJ, Carter DR, Schulze MD, Vidal E & Lentini MW (In press) The sustainability of timber production from eastern Amazonian forests. Natural Resource Modeling.

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Schulze M, Grogan J & Vidal E (2008) National Forests in the Brazilian Amazon: not just a policy issue. Journal of Sustainable Forestry 26: 61-76.

Schulze M, Grogan J & Vidal E (2008) O manejo florestal como estratégia de conservação e desenvolvimento socioeconômico na Amazônia: quanto separa os sistemas de exploração madeireira atuais do conceito de manejo florestal sustentável? (Forest management as a conservation and socioeconomic development strategy in Amazonia: how close are current logging systems to sustainable forest management?) In: Bensusan N, Armstrong G (Eds.), O Manejo da Paisagem e a Paisagem do Manejo, pp. 163-213. IEB, Brasília, DF, Brazil.

Schulze MD, Lentini MW, Macpherson AJ & Grogan J (2010) Certification, concessions, and biodiversity in the Brazilian Amazon: can an independent, market-based approach be wed to a large-scale government initiative? European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN) News 51: 83-89.

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Zarin D, Schulze M, Vidal E & Lentini M (2007) Beyond reaping the first harvest: management objectives for timber production in the Brazilian Amazon. Conservation Biology 21: 916-925.

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